Monday, March 12, 2007

Creating Value From Your Sales Leads
By H. Whitelock

Sales leads may be generated by you or from an existing customer. It is imperative then that your existing customer is satisfied, treated fairly and given a good deal. Negative publicity or a bad report can ruin your sales efforts and your career. Simply put, your reputation precedes you.
There is value in recognition. So then, how do you get sales leads to recognize you? This is done by constant interaction and follow-up. You may encourage interaction by having a content based website, article or newsletter. If you are not computer savvy it can be something as simply as an email or personal call. If people trust and recognize your name they will more likely buy from you than someone they know nothing about.
There may several competitors offering a similar product or service, but if your name happens to be the first one to popup in their heads you will end up getting the sale. Recognition forms a basic role indecision making and you will be using this to your advantage.
In addition to recognition, value can also be created by being perceived as an expert in the area related to your products and services. To do this you send information that is unique and from which your sales leads can learn something new. Of note, is that your information should not be self centered; try to keep it objective of marketing fluff (claims that cannot be backed up by any evidence).
If you fail to close a sales lead you should ask yourself why. Revaluate your sales presentation and what you may have said or done to lose the sale. Not all sales leads will buy your products or services but you can try to make the percentage of those who do buy as high as possible.
Finally, in order to keep adding v value you need to stay motivated. Become more knowledgeable about your products and services generate more leads on a daily basis and constantly follow-up with your leads while adding value to heir lives.
Such value will lost for years to come and ensure true success.
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