Monday, May 14, 2007

Insurance Appointment Setting Buyer Beware

Afew years back being a green agent I came across an ad for a company that set appointments with business owners that they qualified had a need for Insurance for themselves and or business Insurance.Wow what a learning experiece.The cost was $40 per appointment,30 appointment minimum.With an additional $300 start up administration fee.$1500 total. $50 per appointment.I was spending close to double that to put on a seminar and have 15-20 couples attend.I did fairly well with seminars but the local seminar competion was fierce and the number of attendees were sharply dropping.
The Insurance appointment company I contracted with did have good customer service.They did contact business owners most knew I was arriving to speak with them on a specifi date and time.I did ask the company for a couple of agent refferals.I called these agents and they were upfront about expectations.Out of 30 appointments they were closing 5-10 pieces of business.Fair numbers?

The plot thickens...........

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Qualified Insurance Leads

Most agents interviewed describe a qualified insurance lead as someone actively shopping today for an insurance quote.Then why do alot of agents recieve what they percieve as bad leads?
-the insurance leads are old
-the insurance leads are sold to up to 10 agents
-the insurance leads are recycled
-the insurance leads are generated by lead companys that offer something free for the buyer to fill out information
-and on and on..................
#1 Ask your lead source to direct you to the web sites that are capturing the prospects information.
#2Buy only real time leads.Leads that are immediatly sent to you.Actively shopping buyers.
#3Do your self a favor and buy only exclusive leads.
#4Only work with a lead source that offers to replace bad leads.
#5Ask the prospect if any other agents have called them?Did they fill out any information on any other sites?
#6Test before you invest!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bad Leads

What is a bad insurance lead.A bad insurance lead is a lead with no valid phone number.Period!!!!An address,quote information and an email address is great,but they do not sell insurance.Your insurance lead company is only as good as its return policy.Before you partner with a lead insurance company make sure you wont eat the cost of leads with an invalid phone number.Remember..Test before you invest.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Lead Generation Does Your Attitude Stink?
By: derek smiley
Does your attitude stink? The following is a check up from the neck up.1. On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your attitude and your life, overall, right now? (1 means not so good, 10 means better than great!)2. What is one thing you think you should be doing that you are not doing right now, to make something in your life better? i.e. lead generation for your business i.e. leads. Whether they are insurance leads, mortgage lead or a business lead. 3. Who, or what, is most in control of what is happening in your life right now?4. What is one thing you could do, beginning now, to have more control over your own future day to day?5. If you could do anything you wanted to do realistically what would it be?6. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself on how much control you feel you have over your future personally or professionally?7. What changes do you think you need to make to achieve the results in your own life that you want to achieve?8. To do that, what help do you need?9. What would you agree to do, to get the right help and support? Read books? Get the help of a positive friend? Set new goals? Write an action plan for the next 90 days? Or something else?10. How do you feel, and what do you think, when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, and ask yourself the question, How am I doing right now and what could I do to get better? Tomorrow morning, first thing, look in the mirror and ask yourself that one question and then listen to your answer:How am I right now and what could I do to get better? The answers to that question, and the other questions before it, will tell you a lot about what youre doing with your life and what to do next. A good mentor doesnt tell you what you should do next. A mentor asks you to ask yourself.If you want to succeed, overall, ask yourself the questions, and take the time to answer them. If you do that frequently, you will be amazed at the positive changes you make.

DrS has successfully been in sales over 30 years. He believes you can lead a horse to water but cannot make him or her drink it. Unless you put salt in the oats. The salt is your why (or maybe what you do not want out of life). More information on this subject can be found on lead generation at my website which is at:

Creating Value From Your Sales Leads
By H. Whitelock

Sales leads may be generated by you or from an existing customer. It is imperative then that your existing customer is satisfied, treated fairly and given a good deal. Negative publicity or a bad report can ruin your sales efforts and your career. Simply put, your reputation precedes you.
There is value in recognition. So then, how do you get sales leads to recognize you? This is done by constant interaction and follow-up. You may encourage interaction by having a content based website, article or newsletter. If you are not computer savvy it can be something as simply as an email or personal call. If people trust and recognize your name they will more likely buy from you than someone they know nothing about.
There may several competitors offering a similar product or service, but if your name happens to be the first one to popup in their heads you will end up getting the sale. Recognition forms a basic role indecision making and you will be using this to your advantage.
In addition to recognition, value can also be created by being perceived as an expert in the area related to your products and services. To do this you send information that is unique and from which your sales leads can learn something new. Of note, is that your information should not be self centered; try to keep it objective of marketing fluff (claims that cannot be backed up by any evidence).
If you fail to close a sales lead you should ask yourself why. Revaluate your sales presentation and what you may have said or done to lose the sale. Not all sales leads will buy your products or services but you can try to make the percentage of those who do buy as high as possible.
Finally, in order to keep adding v value you need to stay motivated. Become more knowledgeable about your products and services generate more leads on a daily basis and constantly follow-up with your leads while adding value to heir lives.
Such value will lost for years to come and ensure true success.
Author is an internet marketer who specializes in article marketing. To learn techniques to increase sales visit: