Monday, May 14, 2007

Insurance Appointment Setting Buyer Beware

Afew years back being a green agent I came across an ad for a company that set appointments with business owners that they qualified had a need for Insurance for themselves and or business Insurance.Wow what a learning experiece.The cost was $40 per appointment,30 appointment minimum.With an additional $300 start up administration fee.$1500 total. $50 per appointment.I was spending close to double that to put on a seminar and have 15-20 couples attend.I did fairly well with seminars but the local seminar competion was fierce and the number of attendees were sharply dropping.
The Insurance appointment company I contracted with did have good customer service.They did contact business owners most knew I was arriving to speak with them on a specifi date and time.I did ask the company for a couple of agent refferals.I called these agents and they were upfront about expectations.Out of 30 appointments they were closing 5-10 pieces of business.Fair numbers?

The plot thickens...........

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