Sunday, January 27, 2008

Generating Life Insurance Leads

How to generate Life Insurance Leads?

. Life Insurance Leads are the lifeblood of every agents business. Again Life Insurance is sold not bought. Top producers focus on just a couple of markets to produce leads. You cannot be everything to every one. Veteran agents will focus on Existing Clients and Networking. New agents might focus on Friends and Family. Niche agents might focus only on Business Owners by Cold Calling, Cold Walking and Networking. I know agents who are very successful by just purchasing Internet Leads. Others by just using Direct Mail or Seminars. Find a couple of marketing strategies that you feel comfortable with and focus. As always test before you invest too much money.

Life Insurance Leads are can be generated everywhere if you keep focused and your eyes and ears open!

*Existing Clients *Direct Mail * Seminars * TV/Radio * Neighbors
*Networking *Internet Lead * Email Marketing * Web Marketing * New Home Owners
*Cold calling * Your Agency * Print Ads * Friends * Family’s with children
*Cold Walking * Business Owners * Public Relations * Family *Add 10 of your own.

Ok you picked a couple of markets now what?

Know your market and have a powerful message that will resonate benefits to your prospects. Write it down.Memorize.Keep it simple.

Generating Insurance Leads

Family’s with Children
“ I help young family’s pay off their mortgage and other personal and business debts or to create a rent fund. I also create funds for children's education.”

Business Owners
“I help Business Owners pay off business debts, their mortgage and other personal debts.”

Oh ya how do you do that?

Look for future articles on Life Insurance Lead Generating and we will talk about the above markets and in detail.

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