Sunday, January 27, 2008

Final Expense Insurance Leads

What is Final Expense Insurance? Final Expense Insurance is permanent insurance coverage that your client/prospect purchases to pay for the various costs associated with a death. Most policies are available in face amounts of $2,000 to $50,000, depending upon your client/prospects age. Premiums are level and the policies usually accumulate cash value. Thus, each insured is able to tailor a policy to meet his or her needs. In some cases, though, final expense insurance is available in higher face amounts. A death benefit is payable upon the insured's death. This form of life insurance protects your client/prospects loved ones, while providing for burial expenses. Who buys Final Expense Insurance? Middle income and lower income families are a natural market to talk about and sell to. The middle income family can use Final Expense Insurance as an add on policy used primarily for burial expenses. The lower income family is usually under insured and will benefit by covering burial expenses and other miscellaneous debts (medical, legal, personal). How to generate Final Expense Insurance Leads? First and foremost go through you existing client list and see who is under insured. Next position your self as an expert in Final Expense Insurance with local CPA's, Elder Care Attorneys, and 50 Plus Communities, Physicians, Local Senior Centers, Stock Brokers, Hearing Aid Centers, Optomitrists, Medical Supply Companies. Any local professional or business that works with the 50 plus market...Do a few free seminars a year. Write articles and send press releases on Final Expense Insurance to the local print media, with your bio.Send a bio to the local Radio and TV stations and offer your services if they are covering Senior issues and Final Expense Insurance. You can get nice quality Final expense Insurance Brochures from the below companies to leave at retail locations and as mailers. The below companies also generate high quality targeted Final Expense Insurance Leads. They are experts and are the insurer. They will generate Final Expenses Insurance Leads for you by direct mail, tv, phone internet for a nominal fee if you contract with them. Also Google search Final Expense Insurance Leads, Final Expense Leads, Burial Insurance Leads, and there are many good lead companies that will supply you real time internet leads. Test before you invest a lot of money. A sample of Insurance of companies with Final Expense Insurance Lead programs. Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company Mutual of Omaha

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