Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Qualified Insurance Leads

Most agents interviewed describe a qualified insurance lead as someone actively shopping today for an insurance quote.Then why do alot of agents recieve what they percieve as bad leads?
-the insurance leads are old
-the insurance leads are sold to up to 10 agents
-the insurance leads are recycled
-the insurance leads are generated by lead companys that offer something free for the buyer to fill out information
-and on and on..................
#1 Ask your lead source to direct you to the web sites that are capturing the prospects information.
#2Buy only real time leads.Leads that are immediatly sent to you.Actively shopping buyers.
#3Do your self a favor and buy only exclusive leads.
#4Only work with a lead source that offers to replace bad leads.
#5Ask the prospect if any other agents have called them?Did they fill out any information on any other sites?
#6Test before you invest!

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