Saturday, January 3, 2009

Get Leads From Seminars

Whenever a particular interest group, home-related business associations, or any other group set up seminars, they usually go out of their way in order to get sponsorship and the like. While it may seem unlikely that you will get anything out of sponsoring a seminar, think again! Moreover, you can get the most out of a seminar without even sponsoring the event yourself.
Let’s talk of sponsorships in events first. By giving the organizers a required amount of money, you will be given advertising mileage and marketed as the company who made the seminar possible. This makes your real estate venture very attractive not only for potential customers, but even for people who are impressed and may refer you to one of their friends. Sponsorship also gives you the benefit of setting up a booth within the vicinity of the seminar, where guests can approach and find out more about what you offer before and after the seminar, or in-between seminar breaks. With a booth set up, you have a clear avenue for which leads can come up to you and ask questions. In return, you have the opportunity of giving a winning sales pitch to convince them of your real estate venture’s merit, or simply ask for their information should they want additional informative materials on your company. Because people are currently experiencing great fatigue from being sent padded and impersonal brochures through postal and electronic mail, you’ll be surprised at how responsive they would be to an interactive and personal sales talk that you can give through this seminar side.
The key to getting the most out of sponsoring a seminar is identifying which seminars are worth sponsoring. First, you may want to sponsor something that is at least remotely related to real estate. This way, you will have people flocking to an event who are already personally interested in real estate. This will make it much easier to convince leads to provide you their information or become a potential client in the future.
Choose seminars that invite people who are within your financial target market. It’s difficult to convince a buyer of a service he or she cannot afford. Also, try to be part of an event that is going to be attended by a large sum of people.
If you are simply attending a seminar, sit alongside people who have slight inclinations towards real estate. This way, it will not be difficult to get their attention. Always bring with you a brochure and your card to give away to the person sitting next to you just in case he or she may be interested in your service.
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