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Seminar Attendees Quality Appointments that Stck

Quality Appointments that Stick
Start with who you invite and how
don’t telemarket
young people--high cancellation rate
eaters--high cancellation rate

If you telemarket to fill a seminar, those attendees are less committed than people who decide to come on their own from a mailing or insert in the newspaper. These people will have a high “no show” rate at the seminar as well as cancellation of appointments
People working (as opposed to retirees) will have a higher cancellation and no show ration because they will have things come up in their life and they also do not keep their word as well as older people
If you feed people, 50% of the people come for the food. You may get them excited enough to make an appointment at the seminar but they will have a high cancellation rate after because their initial interest and commitment was weak

Quality Appointments that Stick
The presentation
have them like you--Marcus Welby
show you are their friends, others are the enemy

People make appointments with those they like and trust. Therefore, get people to like you:
Speak clearly
Tell stories or jokes
Dress nice
Seem approachable
Be polite
Shmooze before the talk starts
Thank people for their questions and complement them
Show them why other advisors and Wall Street are against them
I also was duped by bad research
1.Many advisors don’t explain this well to their clients but it’s important for you to know that
2.I think Wall Street hides this and should tell you this clearly
3.I don’t know if the mutual fund companies have your best interest in minds—let me show you how this really works…

Quality Appointments that Stick
Get commitment at the seminar
Specific time and day, within 2 weeks
The must request of you
Remove fear/provide incentive
Mention fee if possible
Tell them what happens at the appointment
No forms to fill out--tax return and statements

Have them sign up for firm appointment at the seminar—do not ask sensitive questions on your form
Remove fear that they get stuck in a high pressure sales pitch
An incentive is not a financial plan or financial review or some software on a diskette or a book
Make the appointment scarce (fee is possible)
Take mystery out of appointment
Don’t make them fill out forms or you create a barrier to the appointment

Quality Appointments that Stick
After the seminar
YOU confirm next business day at 8 am
send printed confirmation
assistant confirms day before

First Appointment
Goals is to set a second appointment
Limit to 60 minutes--don’t give away solutions
5 minutes rapport
Ask what hot buttons are
50 minutes --emotional questions
5 minutes to get commitment to next appointment
Don’t sell a financial plan
Get a fee
Learn how to conduct an interview at

Here are some of the lessons from the Spin Selling Research:
“Investigating is the most important of all selling skills and it’s particularly crucial in larger sales.”
“There is a clear statistical association between the use of questions and the successes of the interaction. The more you ask questions, the more successful the interaction is likely to be.”
Types of questions:
•Rapport questions
•Background questions
•Feeling questions
•Impact questions
•Solution questions
Forget about fact finders
Forget about telling except for generalities
30% you speak, 70% they speak
Emotional fact finding starts with:
“What are your questions or concerns that we should make sure and address today?”
What do you feel I can do for you?
Must take prospect general answers and move to specific
Get a commitment or contract before second meeting
Get a fee by stating benefits

Why You Lose Sales
Presenting solutions too early
Not asking enough questions – shooting in the dark
Not asking feeling and impact questions
Having a "product" agenda rather than a "client" agenda
You job is not to convey your superior knowledge—this has you talk too much
Your job is as psychologist—to uncover want people WANT

Author:Larry Klein

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